Romanians rise up

IonasLast week before the Romanian presidential election, I was talking to a Romanian pastor who believed that the same old socialist communist regime would get elected that has ruled Romania for the past 25 years.  Yet last Sunday the young voters rose up and ousted the old regime and elected an outsider. The interesting thing, for a country that is 90% Eastern Orthodox, they elected a protestant Lutheran of German decent.

Klaus Iohannis was the mayor of Sibu and is now the new president of Romania. Not only are there political implication, there are significant religious implications in this election that I believe should give us some opportunities to spread the gospel. Pray for Romania and the new president and for revival in the churches.

Old friends in new places

2014-10-24 14.06.18

Last week I had the opportunity to catch up with two of my old professors from Bible College,  Herb Koonce and Jack Hackworth.  I had the honor of speaking at their churches and being able to present the work in Romania. It was an encouragement to see these men still striving to serve the Lord.




2014-11-02 14.53.58

I also had the privileged of speaking for one of my pastor friends from Rhode Island, Bob Williams. He is doing a great work in the inner city of Indianapolis Indiana.