There was2014-07-31 13.48.46 a joke for many years that if somebody missed church on Sunday, they would say that they did not come to church because they had relative visiting from Buzau. I visited Buzau years ago with Johnny and Elena to bring them to visit their grandfather. For many years I had thought of and prayed for the city of Buzau.

During the communist time there were no evangelical churches in the city of Buzau. It is a city of over 110,00 people located in a county of over 550,500. One group estimated that if you took all the Christian from all the Evangelical churches, there would only be 200 Christians in this region.

Mihai 2014-07-31 14.27.30Endroid contacted my last spring. He lives right outside of Buzau and heard that I was thinking of starting a church there. He asked me if I was coming and that if I was, he would be willing to help me and work with me. Mihai is young man who has pastored before and has graduated from Bible institute.

I visited with him this sum2014-07-31 14.10.30mer and felt that this is the place where the Lord would have us to go and start our next ministry. Please pray for us as Buzau is a center for the orthodox church and though there is a great need, there will be a lot of opposition to the preaching of the gospel.


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