From Constanta to New Castle England

I was talking with Danny and I asked him, “could you of imagined 17 years ago when we where at summer camp in Romania that we would be meeting here in Newcastle England?” Danny answered,” I would not of even know where in the world Newcastle was!”


But here we are, a group of about 30 people, all from our church in Constanta Romania, now renting a building and starting a church in Newcastle England. How did they all get here? It was not because this was a place they wanted to live, but due to the economic hardships they faced in Romania, they were seeking a better life. It stared with one family leaving and paving the way. Now there is a community of over 200 from Constanta here in Newcastle.

Not only are there Romanians, but there are people from many countries in this city of over 300,000 people. Like most of England, it has a rich religious heritage and there are many churches all around the city, but few that are still preaching the gospel.  I walked into one large church building and met some of the people from the church who told me that there are only about 30 people that meet on Sunday.

I have been meeting with pastor Ionel and others from the church, encouraging them in the work they are doing but also to think long term and to expand their ministry not to just Romanians but towards the English speaking people.

There is a tremendous opportunity here in Newcastle for a church and many more churches to be planted.  Pray for this small group of Romanians as they settle in a new country not just for jobs, but because they were sent to spread the Gospel.


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