VBS at the villages

We had a tremendous week with the team from Merrimack Valley Baptist Church in Nashua NH. The teens sang, did skits and ran games for our VBS that we did in six different locations and we had over 200 kids.

The highlight however was at then end  of each program when they made balloon animals and swords for the kids! The kids could not get enough of it and I thought at one time I was going to have rescue them from the throng of kids by having them climb up the wall! It was a blessing to have these teens that have a great attitude and a heart for the kids, that even though they could not speak the language they communicated with high fives, hugs and smiles.


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Angelo Santino

There is an Italian law called Jus sanguinis  (right by blood) that says that any blood relative of an Italian citizen who has not renounce is Italian citizenship can receive Italian citizenship. Through ancestry.com Lana has been able to trace back to my great grandfather, Angelo Santino who came over to America in the late 1800’s.  I am starting the process of finding out if I can and if I can gathering all the necessary documents to obtain Italian citizenship. This will allow us to go to any European country with out having to worry about a visa, including Romania. 

New Webpage

I have revamped my webpage and converted over to WordPress. I am hoping to have it all done by the end of June. There will be a sign in page so you can receive bi-weekly prayer request updates.  Keep checking back for new updates.