Meeting up with old friends

It is always a blessing to meet up with people who have had an impact in your life and with whom you have served. This week I was in Ocean Springs Mississippi with Paul Perkins and his  family. Paul and I went to high school and college together.  It was a blessing to see the great job he is doing at Grace Independent Baptist Church in Ocean Springs MS. They have also been a supporting church for over 20 years!

2015-03-23 23.14.31

I also had the opportunity to be with Steve and Valarie Crane. Steve and Valarie picked us up at the airport and rented an apartment for us when we first went to Romania in 1994. They have also been supporting us for many years as he is the pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Gulf Port Mississippi. They are doing a great job and it was a blessing to see them.


I was also able to visit with Brian Henry and his family. Brian was saved when I was a youth pastor back in the day in Woonsocket RI at our sending church.  He has six children and lives in Corinth MS. It was a blessing to see him and his lovely family.

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